Winds of change

[feature image by: Peggy Zinn]

If you’re new here and you’ve read through some of my older posts (why would you DO that?!), you might have noticed a small topic change.

Yes, I have a dark past of makeup artistry. No, I won’t do makeup for your sister’s friend’s wedding.


My move from Marketing to Makeup and back to Marketing has been more about the journey than the destination. Freelancing like that gives a unique perspective on the world, work and people that most corporate lifers might not be privy to.

I also have some great stories. #IllNeverTell


Moving forward, you’ll see more influence from the marketing and brand worlds. My aim is to always offer something valuable too…not just spouting more thot thought leadership into the ether. (You’ve seen them on Twitter)


I’m currently working on a series of Generalist Essays; reviewing the path of my career and lessons learned along the way. I’m hoping that sharing this could help other generalists see the value in their experience, in a world where only the specialists are lauded.


There may still be some throwbacks to the old, old blog* depending on what sparks my interest. So, keep a weather eye on the updates.


x Cands

*shout out to the 031 and ‘playplay creations’ days