[blog list image by: gabriella street]

I recently had the pleasure of doing an impromptu shoot with the lovely Kyla from Ice Models before she jets off to Mumbai for 2 months of work. Kyla seems to be a large portion of my portfolio and rightfully so; not only lovely to work with, Kyla has a face I could throw makeup at and she’d still look amazing!

Vaughan wanted to do something very loose and natural for Kyla; most of her lingerie pics are very glamourous…she tends to exude luxury and glamour! So we found some modern underwear pieces and headed to the beach.

1. I was recently gifted with a big box of goodies from Kanebo Sensai and included in this smorgasbord of beauty was a range of Sensai Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet foundations. I’d yet to use this on a shoot and I was interested to see the results. After cleansing and moisturising Kyla’s skin, I applied Bioderma Sebium Mat as a primer. I didn’t want to powder Kyla too much but I didn’t want her to shine in the bright sunlight either. Using both this primer and the Sensai foundation (which has a semi matte finish) I achieved exactly the finish and longevity I was looking for.

2. The Sensai foundation goes in beautifully, offers medium coverage and needs little powder to make it last throughout the day. I used FV204 on Kyla who has a naturally tanned complexion with with a yellow undertone.

3. I used YSL Touche Eclat #4 and #8 to conceal and lift under her eyes and to highlight the cheekbones. I also used a little on the bow of her lips to add definition.  I contoured Kyla using MAC pro sculpting cream in Coffee Walnut. These creams are my new favourite for contouring as they blend beautifully and offer a cool shadow on the face (often you see models with a very red contour which looks unnatural.) I stained her cheeks using Benefit’s benetint and a stipling brush.

4. A little trick I use to bronze the face as naturally as possible (I hate shimmers!) is to rub some Benefit You Rebel onto my hands (the outside of my hands more than the palm) and then press this onto the tops of the cheeks, along the jawline and temples and down the nose. Only the places where the sun might hit the face, remember this needs to look natural…not Snooki.

5. I contoured Kyla’s eyes with an old favourite, MAC Groundwork, added some Chanel Emerveille onto the lid and then highlighted the inner corners of the eye with MAC Indianwood.

6. In the latest Elle magazine is a mascara sample. I gave it a try one night and was super impressed with the natural finish it offered. While it doesn’t thicken the lashes, it certainly coats them beautifully and makes them look long and dark. I decided to use this mascara on Kyla and I will certainly be adding the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing mascara (seriously what’s with the long names people?!) to my kit. Usually for a natural finish, I apply mascara using the MAC 205 Mascara Fan brush, but I didn’t need to do that with this mascara and any type of makeup that makes my life easier and quicker…is a win!

7. I stained Kyla’s lips with Catrice Don’t call me Princess and then added some Bloom Minnie the Minx gloss for a plump and youthful finish. This Bloom gloss is one of my all-time faves but unfortunately Woolworths don’t stock it anymore…so I use it as sparingly as possible. If anyone sees or knows a dupe for it, please let me know 🙂

As you can tell, for a natural look stains and creams are very important. Apply them in thin layers and focus on emphasizing areas instead of hiding things. Blending out all lines in also important for a natural look; you shouldn’t be able to tell where there is makeup on the face.

The shoot turned out very differently to the rest of my work so I am interested to see the response to it.