Work doesn’t…work…the way it used to.

The globalisation of connection and democratisation of information means that people can move around more than ever before. (And now, without even moving. #WFH)


With that intro outta the way, let me say what I mean.


In our grandparents’ time (or our parents time, depending on your generation) staying in one job, ‘proving’ yourself and letting the work speak for itself, was the preferred and recommended way to grow. And achieve. And make bank.

Now, with access to more information, the networking and personal branding of social media, moving between roles has become an accepted way to develop a career.


I’ve only recently come to terms with that.


My career path has been less defined. I’ve always had a north star, but never a map. I worked on instinct and I worked hard. It resulted in some interesting experiences. In trying so hard to become a specialist, I’ve developed a killer generalist skillset. 


I used to feel ashamed of my convoluted path to this point. Looking back, I see how important all those little steps (and big leaps) have been towards building the person I am today.


So, I’m writing the Generalist Essays. Some words about my career path, twisted as it might be, and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way. The skills each role gifted me and how important they’ve become today.

I hope by sharing, younger professionals might feel less pressure to achieve so quickly. Others might look at this and see the value in their varied experience too.


There is no singular journey. There isn’t a path or a map. There are only the stars. Find yours.

x Cands


[Disclaimer: I will be sharing my experience, thoughts and opinions. Highlighting what worked for me and the values and skills I deem to be important. You’re welcome to disagree. My experience does not negate yours.]