I believe in doing excellent work with kindness.

A professional cheerleader (the hype man type), I’m passionate about helping people work to their strengths.

I lead through coaching and mentoring, and my management style is to onboard, train and delegate. I don’t micromanage; why stand in the way of great talent?!

Having worked with founders and C-level executives throughout my career, I’m a creative problem solver with excellent communication skills. I enjoy being the person behind the founder, clearing the path and bringing their vision to life.
It’s important to me to be in a space that allows for growth and learning. To be in a team that celebrates diversity. To be part of a business that offers value to the community.

I’m organised. Seriously. A systems-thinker, I see gaps and patterns, knitting together business and culture. Having worked with large teams across time zones, I build teams that feel empowered, autonomous and supported.

I’m a very effective generalist. Curious by nature. Focused when executing.

Also an active member of the online Marketing community, so get in touch if you’re looking to connect!


– Champion of Founders

– Cross-functional Lead

– Decisive

40% Optimism

40% Curiosity

21% Sarcasm


my champions