I always test out new products on myself before I use it on models or brides. I have sensitive, combination skin, so I usually know that if it works on me, it’ll work on most people.
I’ve used MAC face & body foundations for a while now but I’m finding that I need a variety of foundations and concealers, so I have begun the search…the never-ending search….for new and better products. I prefer to use lighter, more sheer foundations and build it up than slapping on a paste of high coverage base. This way I can control the coverage and still allow the model’s natural skin to shine through.
I’ve added these little gems to my personal kit so that I can test them before I spend the GDP of a large, third world country by adding them to my professional kit.
What they say: HALO is the first anti-ageing powder with the science of skincare built-in. It’s advanced formulation of pure gold, 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and a powerful peptide deliver powerful anti-ageing benefits while the patented hydration system continuously revitalizes skin for a brighter, more radiant complexion all day. HALO’s innovative built-in shaver gives you the perfect amount of luminous loose powder every time with no mess.
What I say: I’ve had my eye on this powder for quite some time but the price tag has always deterred me from snatching it off the shelf. Now that I have it, I wish I’d bought it sooner. It’s easy to use, the kabuki brush it comes with is soft and applies the powder perfectly and it gives good coverage for a powder.  It lasts most of the day (I have an oily t-zone) yet doesn’t make you look like you’ve face-planted into Nigella’s flour storage. If you have generally good skin, this might be the only foundation/powder you need. Seriously.
Final verdict: As soon as I can afford to, I will be adding all 4 colours to my kit. It’s going to be amazing for brides…
What they say: Instantly helps soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Light-diffusing optics brighten shadows. Creamy, light formula flows through for smooth brush-on, precision application.
What I say: They call it sheer. I think it’s a moderate coverage. They say it illuminates and perfects. I agree. This is the best concealer I’ve used on my eyes and I have some dark circles, so I know eye concealers. It covers, corrects and lasts. Application is easy and it really does reduce the “appearance” of the lines on the outside corners of my eyes. I am a fan.
Final verdict: A definite option for the professional kit in the lighter shades for models with bags, circles or darkness under their eyes.
What they say: Soothing oil-free makeup instantly colour-corrects flushing, blushing. Calming ingredients help minimize flare-ups. Beneficial probiotic technology helps strengthen skin’s barrier. Keeps environmental triggers at bay with SPF plus antioxidants.
What I say: As mentioned, I have sensitive skin so I tend to get random redness.  It’s a moderate coverage that blends nicely and builds up for higher coverage. I could probably use something a little sheerer, but I can always dilute it with my moisturiser.  It really does reduce the “appearance” of redness and red areas. The SPF 15 is an extra bonus, just be aware the SPF in a foundation can make it photograph white or lighter than it looks.
The range also includes a concealer and powder but they are very yellow and I didn’t find it necessary to buy the whole lot…the foundation is enough.
Final verdict: I love it for myself and I like the fact that it treats the skin as well as acting as a foundation. Again, I might add a couple of lighter shade to the kit at some stage.
What they say: Our revolutionary new weightless concealer instantly smooths skin and makes dark circles and imperfections virtually disappear. The good-for-your-skin formula includes cell-energizing ribose, soy, angelica extract and caffeine to reduce redness, dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Soft focus pearls reflect light to minimize the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. The soft-touch precision applicator provides the smoothest application for the most delicate skin areas. Provides buildable coverage with a natural finish.
What I say: Eh…it’s nice for very light coverage and using if you have a few problem areas but otherwise great skin. I found it too light and sheer with a slightly oily finish. I’m moving away from the idea of layering on powder to set a concealer and I believe that a concealer should set itself. I didn’t really find that it builds up nicely but it is perfect if you’re looking for something light.
Final verdict: If I need to use something this sheer on a model, I could just build up a light foundation rather than using a completely separate product.  I think this is better for personal use.
What they say: This innovative gel-based waterproof liner stays blendable for 60 seconds then dries to a smudge-proof, budge-proof finish that lasts all day. JET SET is perfect for lining the inner rim of the eye or as a stay-put traditional liner.
What I say: I bought this in the hope I could use it at a cream eye shadow but they are not kidding…you have 60 seconds before it dries and then it’s not going anywhere. I love it as an eyeliner and the dark brown I got is perfect for defining a natural eye.
Final verdict: I’m off to buy the black. It’s that good. It doesn’t move. Actually, I may get all the colours!
So there it is. I hope to do this more often so if there’s a product you’re interested in buying, drop me a line and maybe I can offer a little advice before you take the plunge.