Urban Decay cosmetics has been a little under the radar (especially in SA) but it’s been a slow burn and has now established something of a cult following.  They’ve done this purely on the quality of the products; they’ve really thought about what people need and they’re offering it.

I recently purchased a couple of new things from Urban Decay and I am loving them!

The 24/7 glide-on pencils are waterproof. They go on smooth and velvety with a great pigment. I bought Zero because I was in serious need of a liner that could tight line and didn’t move. The Underground liner is very similar to the MAC Teddy in colour but it doesn’t smudge or move. This colour is great for blue and green eyes! I used both on the recent Siren shoot and Sam (the model) commented after her shower that the makeup wasn’t easy to wash off – just what you want for a water shoot!

By the way, the swatch on the left is two swipes of the liner. The swatch on the right is after wiping it twice with a wet wipe. Not too shabby huh?!

I’m not such a fan of lip gloss…if fact, I almost never use it! So I am a big lover of lip butters and pencils…getting one with a little shine is even better.

The pigment and payoff of these pencils are amazing. My only concern is trying to sharpen the soft lip pencils, I’ve had some issues with my MUFE pencils so if anyone has any clever ideas, send them my way, please. Actually just had a brainwave, I’m gonna try sticking them in the fridge first….nice one Candice!

 I’m sure you’ve heard of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. These little beauties are super affordable at $50 each (A Chanel quad is $59!) and the quality and pigment are great. I was a little concerned about the number of shimmer shadows, but they really don’t translate as super shimmery on the eye; they have a nice velvety sheen.

The colours I use the most of the 2 palettes are Snakebite, Darkhorse, Smog and HalfBaked but I also love Busted, Hustle and Toasted (purple-ish colours are great for my hazel eyes).

I’ve heard great things about other Urban Decay products and if/when I get my hands on them, I’ll let you know 🙂