I was rather tame in the “brush shopping” department on my US trip…only 8 brushes! I’ve become very cautious with the brushes I buy because I would rather spend a little more money but get brushes of a higher quality, that’ll last a little longer. It’s also important to know what brushes you actually need and which you will use the most.

I’ve started replacing my older, cheaper brushes with higher end brushes….now that I’ve worked with them a lot, I know exactly what I need and what I expect from my brushes.

1. Real Techniques Blush brush – Soft and easy to handle, this brush is gentle and great for blush or powder application. I was pleasantly surprised, as this brand is considered a “cheaper” option but the quality is quite good. [I also bought a small powder or setting brush which is not pictured here…..and I absolutely love it! Great for powdering or cleaning up under the eyes etc.]

2. Japonesque HD Dual brushes [blush & eyeshadow] ~ the concept is simple….synthetic fibers to apply product to the face and natural fibres the blend. I find the blush brush quite dense and will probably end up using it for cream blushes.

3. Japonesque Pro angled foundation brush ~ Love this brush especially for contouring.

4. Japonesque Pro foundation brush ~ My absolute favourite brush at the moment, it really applies foundation beautifully and is even small enough for applying concealer. The finish is flawless, love love love!

5. Sephora #24 brush ~ This Pro Smokey liner brush is great for smudging out eyeliner and adding shadow underneath the eye.

6. Chanel contour shadow & blending brush ~ It’s Chanel so you know it’s going to be amazing. And these don’t disappoint! The contour shadow brush is incredible for under eye use as well.

Let me know if you have any favourite brushes, I’m always on the search!