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It’s not clickbait, I swear! There’s so much from my decade of working as a professional makeup artist, creative director and producer, that crosses over into being a great marketer.

And it’s not just metaphors about blending and sunblock, these transferable skills are necessary to being a good manager and a great lead.



Hearing the meaning in the words and the motivation behind the request, helps you figure out what it is people want. When you really listen, you learn what people need to function, to be happy with the work and to see the value in the final product you deliver.


Seeing the bigger picture

As one element of many moving parts, being able to envision the final product while understanding your role in delivering it, is an awareness all leads should have. Especially if you have to work with multiple departments to make it a reality, as all Makeup artists and Marketers do!


Autonomy and radical accountability

Whether you’re a one-man team or head of a department, when you lead, the final responsibility lies with you. Taking ownership, knowing when to ‘carry on with it’ and being very honest about what can and can’t be delivered, is usually a balancing act that you master over time.


Understanding imposter syndrome

If you believe Twitter, many Marketers suffer from imposter syndrome. Maybe it’s the subjective nature of the work? It’s important to be able to identify it, work with others who struggle with it and managing it within yourself.


It’s all about people

Relationships. Collaboration. Giving people what they need. My experience has taught me to manage diverse teams, resolve conflict, lead with kindness and to always centre the work on the customer.


Looking back, there’s so much to be grateful for. 3am travel times which meant I watched the sun rise over the mountains and 9pm wrap times meant I could watch it dip into the ocean. Locations across South Africa, Mozambique, Dubai, the UK and south of France. Famous directors, actors, singers, dancers, supermodels and award-winning doctors and writers. Even royalty.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with world class crew. Specialists of the highest order, true masters of their craft. People so ‘in their bag’ yet humble enough to explain it. Passionate about the work. Kind in sharing their knowledge.

That’s the professional environment that moulded me. My line managers and direct reports. So much to be grateful for.


If you’re interested in a #TBT, here’s a collection of pieces I’ve written and tutorials for beauty looks I’ve created. You can also have a look at my portfolio here.



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💄 Red lips that last

💄 Guess makeup


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