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The beauty industry is growing. I know you thought she was grown…but nah, she’s still on the move!

The global beauty cosmetics market is estimated at 68.7 billion US dollars this year.  The cosmetics industry in South Africa has grown at an estimated compound growth 0f 4.6% over the last two years.

That’s a lot of frikkin lip kits.


In SA, the big retailers have been slow to adapt and form partnerships with international brands. Woolies has been a little ahead of the rest and Foschini has seen the gap in the market and now offers a dedicated online beauty store, however, it might be a little too late.  Local entrepreneurs have taken charge and there are now many online stores offering authentic, international cult brands of beauty.

I’m going to tell you who they are, what they offer and if it’s worth it to shop online for beauty in South Africa. [Spoiler alert: it is.]

So, if you’re looking for something in particular or if you have a basket filled with goodies already but you’re not sure whether to plug in those credit card details, here’s the list of online beauty stores I researched.  You can read through the entire article or you can skip to a store that interests you….don’t be lazy, hit your word quota and read on!

[Disclaimer: These are my opinions in researching and/or dealing directly with the online stores.  I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the stores.

If there’s a store I’ve left of this list, it’s either because I don’t know about it or I don’t think it’s worth the time. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll let you know which it is 😉 ]


These guys are at the top of the list because they bloody well should be.  Their service is impeccable and they’re really into sharing their skincare knowledge. Sign up for their newsletter. You won’t regret it.

Dermastore offers only skincare solutions (no makeup) and they pride themselves on curating a store of products that are some of the best and most effective Dermatologist endorsed cosmeceuticals in the world.  They don’t play around.

They offer an online facial skin assessment and….AND…they have a skincare support line. I called. We chatted for about 15 minutes and all my questions were answered. [Disclaimer: not my life questions…just the skincare ones.]

The website is great and you can search for products according to skin type, brand or product type. You can pay by credit card, EFT and snapscan.  Delivery is free if your order is over R650.00 and your order arrives neatly wrapped and packaged.  I even received a customed printed flyer explaining how to use the products I had purchased.

The customer service is excellent and they offer a loyalty program too.

The Dermastore blog is a great source of skincare information and their social media is used to connect with customers and share tips and advice.


Robyn from Faithful to Nature is passionate about providing an organic, cruelty-free haven for beauty lovers. I love her approach to a complete and honest ingredients list so that you have all the information to make an informed decision about what you put in and on your body.  The cosmetics industry isn’t as regulated as you’d think…

They have a great blog and social media presence and they support local as much as possible.  They also have a loyalty program and delivery is free if your order is over R350.00.

If you’re looking for a natural approach to your beauty regime, this is the place to look.


Muse Beauty has a HUGE selection of products! I can’t tell you how many are in stock as you have to click through to each individual product but they carry so much product, it might not even matter.  The range of brands is great too; all the cult favourites and even some brands you might not usually consider.

Their prices are high (compared to buying them outside of SA at the current exchange rate) which leads me to believe that they go on buying trips and might not be authorised resellers of some of the brands. However, the ease of buying Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette in SA without the import hassle might be worth the additional 50-100%.

They accept credit cards and PayPal and you can even place custom orders which is a great idea for people looking for that one particular product.  They also run an affiliates program which offers a 5% commission if people buy using your code/link.

I really think that if Muse Beauty can get their prices down a bit and nail the marketing, they will take over the online beauty scene in SA. They obviously have a great eye for product and what people want and they’re supplying beauty with the day-to-day user as well as the professional makeup artist in mind.  That’s a winning combo.


This is where I started buying MUFE products in SA.  They used to stock this INCREDIBLE primer that is still one of my all time faves!

Metro stocks a lot of brands you might not have heard of but they’re all mostly good products. Their social media is pretty but doesn’t offer a lot of product advice or information which is silly given their range of products…..and the fierce social media beauties out there!

They offer free delivery over R2000.00, free samples and gift cards but the site and service offering hasn’t changed much since I first found them years ago.

I’m sentimental and I remember finding their website years ago (before other brands or online beauty stores) and I really hope they stick around.


Rabia Ghoor is the makeup-obsessed beauty behind Swiitch.  She’s 18 years old….and she’s killing it. Enthusiastic, obviously hard working and with a cheeky sense of humour, she is taking over the beauty world in SA.

Her products are great, she’s fantastic on social media and with her customers and she’s very cleverly forming relationships with local professional makeup artists. The brands’ social media is informative, has personality and helps educate customers about their products. Most of the products are in palettes which makes this MUA very very happy indeed.

Ultimate palette, Bubble blush and Slay for Days…… *swoon*

The products are cruelty-free, the online store accepts bitcoin, visa, Mastercard and EFTs and the prices are very competitive. You go with your bad self, girl!

The website could use a little finessing and copywriting…..but…..through out the whole process you feel like you’re dealing with Rabia directly and I’d hate some corporate template to wash that feeling away.

I love Swiitch Beauty. I love that it’s local and young and driven. #queen


This store has some good products, albeit in limited colours and range, at a price that means you can still afford to eat. Brands like Zoeva, Huda Beauty and Too Faced are limited but you might just find something you’ve been looking for. Hopefully, the colour options open up soon!

They offer free delivery in SA over R1000.00, have a rewards program and accept Mastercard and visa. Their social media is just about the products they stock and I wish they’d offer more advice and information on their profiles.


So there you have it! If you have any experiences with or recommendations for online beauty shopping, drop me a line in the comments! Happy shopping 😉